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Quest Analytics is a leading provider of Network Access, Adequacy, Accuracy, and Attestation solutions. Quest Analytics’ automated solution measures, monitors, trends, and compares network accuracy and adequacy across product lines. Features include standardized network adequacy reporting and compliance monitoring, provider impact analysis, provider search, provider data management, monitoring, and trending of provider data accuracy.

Our Relationship

Health Catalyst Capital, as part of our focus on patient navigation, network, and referral management, led the Series C equity financing in 2017 for BetterDoctor, a company focused on provider data accuracy. HCC engaged actively on the Board of Directors of BetterDoctor and co-led the financing of the acquisition of BetterDoctor by Quest Analytics in 2018. HCC believes that the combination of Quest Analytics’ network decision-support tools and BetterDoctor’s dynamic primary-source verified provider data management platform enables health plans to provide their members with convenient access to an adequate network of doctors and hospitals and an up-to-date, accurate directory of network providers. HCC remains active on the Board of Directors of Quest Analytics.

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