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PierianDx solves the problem of translating complex genomic data into actionable clinical insight to advance precision medicine. It is a cloud-based clinical genomics software platform that simplifies the process of taking DNA sequencing data though analysis, interpretation and final report. The platform is enabled by Actionable Intelligence derived from a comprehensive proprietary knowledgebase curated by a large team of scientists supported by technology and supplemented by human clinical expertise.

Our Relationship

As a result of our thematic research into personalized medicine, Health Catalyst Capital led an equity financing to support the transfer and commercial growth of promising clinical genomics technology from Washington University in St. Louis. We were attracted to the large addressable market for clinical genomics and the global recognition and respect for Washington University for its role in the human genome project and for its leadership in medicine, computational biology, and genomics. Since our initial investment in 2015 and subsequent financings, clinical genomics growth has been very strong and health insurance reimbursement has been expanding to reflect the relevance of clinical genomics in cancer care. PierianDx is scaling to a leadership position internationally on the vanguard of democratizing cancer care with a “sequence locally, interpret remotely” model.

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