Transforming the way that consumers interact with their healthcare


Pager is your virtual care companion that provides a personalized, connected care experience throughout your healthcare journey, like having a “doctor in the family.” Pager provides people with the right information, navigation, and coordination services to access the complete set of virtual care services including triage, telemedicine, prescriptions, appointments, transportation, and after-care follow-up. Pager simplifies the healthcare experience by enabling collaboration with multiple healthcare professionals into a unified group conversation through various omni-channel modalities. Pager’s embedded SaaS technology integrates with claims and clinical data systems, in addition to third-party point solutions, to enable AI automation that delivers a personalized, seamless engagement experience. Pager partners with payers, providers, and employers to offer this solution to over 10 million people across the United States, in addition to Latin America.

Our Relationship

As part of our thematic focus on patient navigation, networks, and referral management, Health Catalyst Capital led a $33 million financing in March 2020.

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