Our Approach

Health Catalyst Capital Management seeks investments in growth-stage healthcare information technology and healthcare technology-enabled service companies with significant growth prospects and capital-appreciation potential.

Healthcare: Focusing on a huge non-cyclical market totaling more than $3.5 trillion annual spend in the U.S., with potential profit opportunity by eliminating what we believe to be $951 billion to $1.7 trillion in annual inefficient healthcare costs.

Trend spotting: Investing in a few key emerging themes that offer potential to create large enterprises including personalized medicine, patient navigation, and interoperability.

Transformation: With financial returns as top priority, investing in digital health businesses that can transform sectors of healthcare with better patient outcomes and lower cost.

Value creation: Leveraging extensive network built over two decades for deal sourcing, diligence, and business development in our portfolio companies. Connections include deep bench of industry luminaries and C-suites of leading healthcare organizations.

Exit options: Validating multiple exit options as an integral part of diligence before investment. Extensive IPO experience and direct relationships with strategic acquirers enhance traditional paths to exit.

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