Medal, Inc.
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Medal is a healthcare information technology pioneer that uses natural language processing and machine learning to harmonize healthcare information across large data sets on disparate platforms. Specifically, Medal specializes in extracting data from disparate sources including EMR/EHRs, HIEs, legacy databases, and even standalone files in fax and paper format. Medal then transforms and indexes the data into a cohesive narrative of who the patient is, making it accessible to use.

Our Relationship

As part of our focus on Interoperability, Health Catalyst Capital led an investment in Medal in 2019.


Lonnie Rae Kurlander, Co-Founder and CEO, is a healthcare professional with a passion for underserved populations, human rights, and digital tools. During her third year of MD/MBA training, Lonnie continuously encountered patients who came in for care without their medical records — in response, she created a program for medical entrepreneurship in collaboration with faculty from the BU School of Medicine and BU School of Business, and pursued a leave of absence in order to explore innovation in medicine. Lonnie’s mission is to enable a globally accessible and useful record of health.

Andrew McMurry, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer,  is an expert in secondary use of electronic health records to enable population scale clinical investigations. Dr. McMurry was the lead architect for Harvard’s Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE), which provides federated search systems of over 10 million de-identified patient samples, thousands of clinical phenotypes, and 60 health institutions. Dr. McMurry’s model architectures have been cited by FDA’s Sentinel Initiative for drug surveillance and the CDC for population health monitoring.