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Insight in Health


InsigthIn Health is an AI-driven platform used by health plans to interact with their members. The technology leverages health data and social determinants of health information to predict the best possible way to communicate with members at a one-to-one level. Insightin’s system is designed to make the health plan’s CRM smarter by centralizing and personalizing all member communications, with the further goals of improving the plan’s quality measures and star ratings. Insightin is the power of insight, delivered.

Our Relationship

As a result of our thematic research into personalized medicine, interoperability, and patient navigation, Health Catalyst Capital has invested in Insightin to support the scale-up of its solid platform to reach a large addressable national market. Since our initial investment, InsightIn has been expanding in the U.S. with one of the largest health insurers and has grown its commercial sales capability. HCC’s Operating Partners have worked with InsightIn to explore a number of new use cases with life, disability, long-term care, and other lines of insurance in addition to supporting the hiring of new commercial talent.

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