March 16, 2021


Transforming fragmented data into clear insights that drive better financial, operational, research and clinical outcomes


Clearsense offers a novel data platform-as-a-service that helps healthcare organizations accelerate data maturity, optimize analytics tools, improve decision quality and unlock meaningful outcomes. The Company’s highly flexible and configurable software architecture enables organizations to create longitudinal clinical records and insights that allow next-generation analytics, interpretation and discovery. Clearsense’s proprietary ingesting technology tags and organizes all healthcare organizational data (structured and unstructured), which enables otherwise unavailable real-time and predictive insights. The Clearsense platform solves the fundamental data problem by ingesting, organizing, and translating all healthcare stakeholder data in real-time and in proper form, in any combination, for internal or third-party analytics functions.

Our Relationship

Health Catalyst Capital led a financing in March 2021 via a senior convertible participating preferred investment and has a designee on the board of directors. We are excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively with Clearsense’s senior management to help execute the value creation plan.

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