January 15, 2020




Founded in 2017, Clareto is a combination digital health and insurtech company that enables standards-based exchange of electronic health data to support insurance underwriting and claims adjudication. Clareto operates MedVirginia and is translating its unique history as a pioneer in health information exchange to commercialize novel use cases and pursue emerging market opportunities.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Clareto is led by a multi-disciplinary management team with deep expertise in the healthcare and insurance sectors and is uniquely positioned to work successfully with healthcare organizations and technology vendors to modernize insurance operations.

Our Relationship

Health Catalyst led Series A funding for Clareto.


Dave Dorans, CEO

Dave Dorans has over 30+ years working for numerous industry leading companies in the insurance and financial services sector. A consistent theme in his experience is a focus on the transformation of the antiquated processes in the life insurance sector with the goal of making industry products more accessible to consumers.

Steve Leighty, VP, IT & Operations & CISO

Steve Leighty is a 20+ year veteran in information technology and software development, with over 10 years focusing on healthcare innovation and interoperability. Steve has served as a software engineer, an architect, and in several managerial roles. He also serves as the Chief Information Security Officer for Clareto.

Katie Devlin, VP, Data Solutions

Katie is an experienced leader with 13+ years in healthcare information technology and a passion for driving digital health transformation. Prior to joining the Clareto team, Katie served in roles working on various clinical applications, health information exchange platforms and leading the digital health team for a large life insurance carrier. She also serves as the Privacy Officer for Clareto.