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The heart beats over 100,000 times per day and reacts to everything that happens in life: meals, exercise, stressful moments, or happy memories. Cardiogram acknowledges the heart’s importance and wants to turn wearable devices into continuous heart and health monitors that can be used not only to track sleep and fitness, but also to prevent strokes and save lives.

Our Relationship

As a result of our thematic research into Personalized Medicine and Aging in Place, Health Catalyst Capital has invested in Cardiogram to support the growth of an information technology platform with a large addressable market that has strong support in medical literature following joint studies with the University of California San Francisco. Since our initial investment, Cardiogram has launched a premium version that allows sharing of data with family, friends, or physicians. Cardiogram also has explored a number of B2B use cases with health insurers designed to improve risk adjustment factor accuracy, and with life insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and others. HCC’s InsureTech focused Operating Partners have worked with Cardiogram to explore other use cases with Life, Disability, Long-term Care, and other insurers.

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