Health Catalyst Capital Management is a venture capital fund investing in high growth Healthcare IT businesses focused in a few key themes, each with potential to achieve $1 billion enterprise value in new or disrupted markets globally.


Trend Spotting

Healthcare: Focusing on acyclic market approaching $3 trillion in the USA, with potential cost take-out of $800 billion through applied IT, consumerization, and shift to value-based payments.

Transformational Change

Trend Spotting: Investing early in a few key emerging themes that offer potential to create large enterprises including Personalized Medicine, Patient Navigation, and Hospital Workflow Automation.

Transformation: With financial returns as top priority, investing in digital health businesses that are transforming healthcare with better patient outcomes and lower cost.

Value Creation

Value Creation: Leveraging extensive network built over two decades for deal sourcing, diligence, and company building. Connections include deep bench of industry luminaries and C-suites of Blue Chip healthcare organizations.


Exit Options: Validating multiple exit options as an integral part of theme development and before investment. Extensive IPO experience and direct relationships with strategic acquirers and crossover fund investors enhance traditional paths to exit.